Wooden windows

Wooden windows are not only a combination of honest work and historic craftsmanship, but also automated production and ecology. The most advanced automated technology in cooperation with our skilled employees allows us to produce custom-made wooden euro windows of the highest quality.

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Wooden windows
Wooden windows
Wooden windows are perhaps the most sought-after type of windows. Classic wooden windows for family houses, wooden windows for cottages or wooden windows for wooden houses are produced by us on a daily basis. We have been manufacturing custom-made wooden windows for several decades. Wooden euro windows not only give architecture excellent thermal insulation properties, but also an irreplaceable atmosphere. The natural look of wood is increasingly sought after by planners and investors.
A special category is wooden windows for passive houses, which are designed to prevent as much heat transfer as possible and thus significantly reduce energy costs. Your new home can thus be complemented by unique materials such as Siberian spruce or hickory oak, all with the added value of energy savings and ecology. You can choose from 9 types of profiles and any product colouring allows you to visually match the whole home in a uniform tone.

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  • The natural look of wood both indoors and outdoors
  • Lowest burden on the environment
  • Many variants (profiles, materials and colours)
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