Wooden PSK portal

In the basic version, tilt and slide PSK portals offer active protection against burglary. This type of window serves especially where there is not much space for conventional opening.

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Wooden PSK portal
Wooden PSK portal
Generously proportioned spaces are a trend in modern construction. They bring more freedom and light to rooms and increase overall comfort. In the basic version, the tilt and slide fittings of PSK portals bring active burglary protection and security. This type of window is suitable for balconies, but also serves where there is not much space for a conventional opening, for example in wardrobe rooms.
However, it is the only one of our portals that is not wheelchair accessible. At the bottom of the window there is a frame, as in a classic window, but there is a guide rail mounted on it, on which the portal slides.

Wooden windows | Wooden PSK portal

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  • Features
  • Suitable for smaller spaces
  • The natural look of wood both indoors and outdoors
  • Many variants (materials and colours)


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