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Realise the most unique projects with atypical minimalist windows and doors

Our main advantage lies in the possibility of providing all products under one roof, which simplifies and optimizes the process of their design and implementation.

A strong partner for all developers and hoteliers

All the products you need for your project from KUNAJ.


The ability to provide comprehensive window and door solutions, ensuring a uniform and stylish appearance throughout the building.

Residential houses

Flexibility and the ability to tailor windows and doors to the specific requirements of each project, ensuring they fit perfectly into the specific environment.

Industrial buildings

The ability to provide windows and doors that meet the highest standards of safety and quality, contributing to the efficient and safe operation of buildings.

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Benefits for developers & hoteliers

As experts in exclusive windows and doors, we believe that working with us can bring several major benefits to you, the architect

Quality and reliability

We guarantee the high quality and durability of our products, which meet the highest safety and quality standards, contributing to the long-term value and success of the project.

Comprehensive solutions

We offer a wide range of products, including windows, doors and other building elements, to ensure a uniform and stylish appearance throughout the building.

Flexibility and adaptability

Our products are flexible and can be tailored to the specific requirements and style of each project, giving you maximum control over the look and functionality of your building.

Our clients

We cover the whole process from consultation to installation under one roof

At KUNAJ we will guide you through the entire implementation process. From the initial consultation, design, projection, production to installation, we will make your new home shine.

Online and face-to-face consultations
Online and face-to-face consultations

Online and face-to-face consultations

Our firm offers a wide range of consulting services that include not only online but also in-person consultations with our experts. During these consultations, architects gain access to our technical expertise and experience in the field of exclusive windows and doors.

Reliability guarantee
Reliability guarantee

100% reliability - what we agree on is valid

Our agreed commitments and promises are our priority and you can rely on them fully. In consultation with architects, we ensure that every piece of information, advice and technical detail we provide is accurate and reliable. Our experts always strive to understand the needs and requirements of architects and ensure that we meet agreed deadlines and quality standards.

Long-term cooperation
long-term cooperation

Exclusive and long-term cooperation - we want to be your partners

Exclusive and long-term cooperation is a priority for us, because we want to be your reliable partners in every step of your project. Our goal is not only to provide you with exclusive windows and doors, but also to create a strong and lasting partnership that will evolve with your needs. We offer you not only our know-how and technical support, but also a long-term cooperation that will enable you to achieve your goals and success in your projects.

Technical support
Technical support

Continuous support with Autocad and customized solution designs

Our engineers are here to provide you with all the help and support you need when creating and modifying drawings and projects. In addition, we are also here to provide you with customized solution proposals based on your specific requirements and project specifications. With our help and experience, you can count on your designs to be optimized, accurate and fully functional.

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At KUNAJ we can help you whether you are building your dream house or as an architect looking for innovative solutions for your next project.

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Questions you often ask

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Can you match the interior doors with the interior colour?

The great advantage of wooden doors is that we can finish them in virtually any colour and finish. They can be natural, lacquered, polished, composed of different types of veneer, etc.

Can you incorporate safety features into your custom interior doors?

Yes, we can make doors fireproof, security, smoke-proof or with various accessories built directly into the door.

Can you combine multiple product lines into a unified design?

Yes, whether in colour or shape, we can match products to form a nice unified design.

Are your products certified?

Of course, we have certifications for all fire protection and safety products, so that there is no problem with the approval and handover of the construction.

Do you have the production capacity for large development projects?

Yes, we can also cover large projects. Examples are the Nido project, the Hrebienok Resort project, the Demänová Resort and many others.

Do you have technical support for large projects?

Each project is assigned a team of people from the designer, a technician who is in charge of the entire project, installers who do not change and work on the project from start to finish.

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