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Third generation of Kunaj family

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Ján Kunaj

Ján Kunaj

Production director and trained carpenter who takes care of the complete running and day-to-day coordination of production. "Over the years, I have learned that the word "impossible" does not exist in manufacturing - if you want to, you can always find a solution."

Martin Smoleňák

Martin Smoleňák

Managing director and chief economic officer of the company, who looks after the company's finances and business. "Business is not won by price, but by trust."

Lubomir Kunaj

Lubomir Kunaj

Director of development and technical part of the company, whose daily agenda is the technological development of the company and the expansion of production. "We used to have a slogan on our billboards, "We manufacture to the whole world." This dream of ours is now a reality."

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Róbert Marflák

Window Technician

Patrik Zich

Marketing and B2B

Lubomir Kalet


Miroslava Ondrejcikova


Tomas Kacian

Commercial Director

Alexander Pavlik

Production and sales

Lubomir Devečka

Measuring technician

Dominik Jakubec

Price offers

Tatiana Hurčalová


Dávid Kover

Window Technician

Company kunaj

KUNAJ is a world expert in comprehensive solutions for premium windows and doors


More than 70 years of tradition of carpentry


Three generations of master carpenters

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Doors and windows can be made to measure, exactly according to your requirements.


The quality of our products has been handed down from generation to generation since 1950. At that time Ján Kunaj, the grandfather of the present owners, founded a small family carpentry in Štrba. The beginnings in the workshop behind the house were modest, but they were the beginning of a now more than 70-year family tradition.

Ján Kunaj, who also fought at the front in the Second World War, had an unusual feeling for wood, and this is exactly what his grandchildren admired about him as young boys. He was mainly engaged in making benches, tables, mirrors, but also doors. His love of wood motivates them to this day.


Ján Kunaj passed on his carpentry skills and knowledge to his son, Ján Kunaj the younger, who gradually improved the family carpentry so that he could pass it on to his sons. Together they produced wooden furniture, consolidating the family tradition and improving processes.

The grandchildren of the founder are grateful for all the knowledge passed on, because without it they would not be able to do the work that they enjoy and find fulfilling. They see being the owners and managers of a carpentry company with a history not just as a job, but as a mission in life. That is why they took over the company from their father.


At the turn of the millennium, the company was fully taken over by the third generation, the grandchildren of Ján Kunaj Sr. It was then that they first started to produce the first version of euro windows. They were produced in the original workshop behind the house, which was only 180m². In addition to windows, they also made doors, tables, benches and interior wooden accessories.

In 2002, the company moved to larger premises of about 400m². Here the company began to fully devote itself to the production of euro windows and doors. After the first successes and awards, the company managed to move again in 2018 to new premises with a showroom, where we are based today.

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