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Renovation of wooden windows

Renovating wood windows is not easy, but it may be necessary if you don't take care of your wood windows properly or at all.


To prevent renovation, treat your windows with a wood window care kit and be sure to repaint all hardware once a year. However, if you neglect to do this, nothing is lost. Wooden windows are heavily affected by the weather, so the paint can start to peel in places.

So what to do if you've made it this far? The first step is to remove the fittings, handles and hinges. Cover the glass with clear film and tape the sides with paper tape to prevent the glass from deteriorating. Next comes the important step of removing the top of the old paint. Gently sand away some of the paint. If the paint is badly deteriorated, and you need to remove all of it, paint stores carry a paint remover that can be helpful. Clean the sanded window thoroughly of paint residue and dust to ensure the new paint adheres perfectly. If there are any cracks, these need to be filled with sealant to make the surface of the window frame even. Paint the window frame with the first impregnating coating. This is ideally followed by two coats in the desired colour shade. You can sand the frame lightly between each coat to ensure a better paint adhesion. Finally, a top coat of paint, a special varnish, needs to be applied to the window frame to ensure the colour is secured.

An example of renovation of older windows is also presented in the video, in which you can see the renovation of windows at the Villa Dr. Szontagh hotel in Nový Smokovec.

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